About Us

Always use as my dog loves it. Safe and wonderful owners who even text you to let you know how your dog is getting on. Sure my dog grins everytime i drive in to drop him off. Run by dog lovers for dogs.

Our boy walks off with them and doesn’t look back. He’s a tricky dog, very reactive and powerful, but we feel absolutely confident leaving him with Sally and George and he clearly adores them.

Absolutely amazing home from home for our beloved doggy. He loves it so much, we only have to mention George and Sallys name and he gets so excited!


George and Sally are the proud owners of Trelawn and are always very happy to meet prospective boarders and their owners and to show them the wonderful facilities. They once had a dreadful experience boarding a couple of their Boxers in a Kennels and understand that peace of mind is paramount when leaving your dog in the care of someone else.
They and their family share a love of all dogs and between them have owned Collies, Westies, German Shepard’s, Labs, Cocker Spaniels, Cockerpoos and Cavapoos.
Trelawn also has an excellent reputation for caring for rescued dogs. They understand the concern and anxiety that you may have, as the new owner , about putting the dog back into a kennel environment and are fully aware of the extra TLC that might be needed.
The kennels in the reception area, are mainly used for elderly, infirm, sensitive and very young dogs.

Our main services are:

  • Dog Boarding
  • Doggy Day Care
  • Dog Holiday Care
  • Emergency Care
  • Respite Care


Here at Trelawn, we treat all dogs like our own. We are a family run kennels and soon get to know our many boarders and their personalities! Their owners likewise!

From the moment your dog arrives, we do our utmost to make him feel welcome, safe and above all at home with as little stress as possible. Our belief is simple – a happy dog needs love and kindness, a comfortable bed, a clean run, good food and lots of exercise.

Trelawn prides itself on providing all this and more. Dogs are exercised four times a day and it is wonderful to see them socialising whenever possible. We do, however, abide by the owner’s wishes and recommendations. Our numerous regulars enjoy playing with their pals time after time and new arrivals are soon keen to join in the fun! If you are looking for a boarding kennels with no canine or human interaction and very little exercise and minimum fun Trelawn is definitely not the place for your dog!

Trelawn dogs stand in the kennels wagging their tails and are very happy dogs. Please come and see for yourself!


Our lovely kennels are routinely inspected by North Devon Council and we can only accept dogs for boarding if their annual booster vaccinations are up to date. We also require that dogs are protected against K Cough. We check these requirements at the time of booking and take a photocopy of the vaccination card.

For dogs new to boarding, we suggest a doggy day care, and then an overnight stay to familiarise them with life at Trelawn and to get to know us. This is a gentle approach in preparation for a longer stay in the kennels and one which we find works very well.

We stock major food brands – Wagg, Skinners, James Wellbeloved and Bakers. Tinned foods include Pedigree Chum, Chappie and Caesar. We never use unbranded foods.

Owners are very welcome to bring their own dog food in, clearly marked with regard to amounts given, in order to keep their dogs on the same diet.

With regard to administering prescribed medication, in whatever form, we make no additional charge.